PROTECT updates our members on a regular basis with news, analysis and other information about public servants in the news. Sometimes these stories highlight men and women doing a good job out there on behalf of child protection. Other times, we shine the spotlight on those who are failing children. You can find them here... for the record.


Good Enough for Government Work

Virginia House member Joe Morrissey was prosecuted for sex with a 17-year-old who worked in his law office. He was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” and received six months in jail. Judge...Read more

Sympathy for the defendant

Judge Jack B. Weinstein, Brooklyn federal District Court, has long held the opinion that sentencing guidelines should not be used in the same manner for those who view and possess child pornography as opposed to those who produce child pornography...Read more

Double standard out of control

Sexually predatory women who target boys have become a focus of much media attention in the last few years--benefiting from a stunning double standard. Hardly a day goes by when some talking head doesn't feel free to opine publicly about how sexual...Read more