PROTECT updates our members on a regular basis with news, analysis and other information about public servants in the news. Sometimes these stories highlight men and women doing a good job out there on behalf of child protection. Other times, we shine the spotlight on those who are failing children. You can find them here... for the record.


Emergency room's pleas to DSS ignored

An emergency room doctor's repeated pleas to social workers to take child abuse seriously may not have been enough to save two children. The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that Dr. Dennis Mullaney, a former emergency room doctor in Fulton, New York...Read more

Prosecutor calls children "real hereos"

Jack Watts is already behind bars for a conviction for a sex crime that took place three years ago. His sentence in that case was from 7 to 15 years. He will now get between 215 and 705 years on this new conviction. In the current case, three young...Read more

Zito... again

Zito... again We've reported before on Judge Leonard Zito of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. We don't know what crimes Zito punishes, but he doesn't seem to take crimes against children very seriously. Zito is in the news again because he refused...Read more