PROTECT updates our members on a regular basis with news, analysis and other information about public servants in the news. Sometimes these stories highlight men and women doing a good job out there on behalf of child protection. Other times, we shine the spotlight on those who are failing children. You can find them here... for the record.



Bushwacked. That’s what happened to Virginia Judge James Updike yesterday when PROTECT showed up at his reappointment hearing, if you believe a headline in the Roanoke Times. “I don’t know what that’s all about,” the judge said about criticism of...Read more

Judge Coogler Hands Down Hundreds

A federal judge sentenced a Lauderdale County couple to hundreds of years in prison for sexually abusing a minor child in their custody to produce images of child pornography. Officials said Patricia Ayers is sentenced to 1,590 years in prison. Her...Read more

Invisible Prosecutors

By now, you’ve probably heard a great deal about the case of Eric Garner, who was killed on the street, on camera, by New York police. There has been non-stop news coverage since a Staten Island grand jury yesterday found no reason to indict the...Read more
Op Ed

Hold the DA Candidates Accountable

Randy Burton Originally published in the Justice for Children Newsletter, March 2000 Harris County's leaders talk constantly about how tough on crime our district attorney's office is. Certainly, we have the bragging rights about the number of...Read more