A bipartisan group of top U.S. law enforcement leaders is launching an ambitious new campaign to locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The Campaign for Child Rescue was announced at the Winter 2017 meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General by South Dakota AG Marty Jackley (R) and Virginia AG Mark Herring (D).

Criminals are seen by law enforcement trafficking in child rape videos and images all across the United States and the world. We know at least 55% of these individuals are hands-on predators.

At a Glance

  • Creates a state fund and dedicated revenue stream for Internet Crimes Against Children task forces
  • Funding used for salary, training, and equipment
  • Pays for deployment of cutting-edge child rescue technologies
  • Creates a victim-centered approach to investigations

National Average

  • Less than 10% of the top traders of child sex abuse images on every network are being investigated nationwide
  • Less than 5% of investigators are uploading victim identification data on child rescue technologies

With the technology now available, we can identify individual computers that are trafficking in sadistic images of very young children being raped and sexually assualted. At least 55% of these offenders are sexually abusing local children, in your state, and most of them are in the child's circle of trust. These children are waiting for rescue!

What Can Be Done?

Alicia's Law focuses on investigation capacity, by creating a dedicted revenue source for law enforcement units that combat child sexual exploitation. With that funding, task forces are able to access the resources (hires, technology, training, and certifications) they need to investigate these crimes against childlren. Less than 10% of these cases are currently being examined due to the lack of such resources and Alicia's Law, a model bill for child rescue funding for states, aims to fix that. This is a national goal for us, and thirteen states currently have state funding through Alicia's Law. You can learn more about Alicia's Law here.

Project VIC focuses on technological advances in combatting child sexual exploitation. Project VIC brings victim identification to the forefront of investigations of child sexual exploitation by creating an ecosystem of information and data sharing between law enforcement agencies, developing and enhancing forensic tools, and training in how to effectively use them. You can learn more about Project VIC here.

H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps focuses on eradicating the backlog of child exploitation cases waiting to be investigated. Throughout the nation, law enforcement agencies are facing a 6-12 month backlong, where cases are just waiting to be investigated. This unique partnership between PROTECT, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Special Operations Command trains wounded veterans in counter-child-exploitation, where our HEROs are able to eliminate this backlog and rescue children. You can learn more about the program here.