20m_dhs_0.jpgAmerica must fight back against global criminal networks targeting our children! We're working to get $20 million into Homeland Security's federal appropriations bill. 

Texas Congressman John Carter, who chairs the powerful Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, is calling for $20 million for federal law enforcement to hunt down child pornography traffickers and rescue their victims. More...


There's a war going on right here at home. The men and women on the front lines are fighting predators who turn children into sexual commodities. We must be there for these heroes.

PROTECT's major legislation, "The PROTECT Act of 2008" authorized $60 million a year for the law enforcement network that battles child sexual exploitation. Now it's 2015, and funding is stuck at $30 million. Children are being left in extreme danger, and it's time for urgent action.  

hero_act.jpgPROTECT is working on our biggest piece of federal legislation since the PROTECT Act of 2008. We're taking aim at a wide variety of pro-child, anti-crime issues. 

We'll have more news on the HERO Act in early 2015.

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