A West Virginia mother has been sentenced to life in prison for child sexual abuse, after her daughter wrote a moving letter asking the judge for justice.

According to the Wheeling News-Register, Jessica Morris was convicted of repeated sexual assault against her daughter, when the child was between 3 and 7.

"Dear judge," the girl wrote, "I think what Jessica did was wrong. She should never have done it. I hope she gets 200 years of jail."

According to the paper, Morris' father spoke on her behalf, claiming the child falsely accused him of abuse as well. The child's attorney, Joseph Moses, fired back. "For a child to come in here and say that her mother should get 200 years in jail boggles the mind. That's what this child needs to heal."

Prosecutors say Morris brutally sexually assaulted her child alone and with her boyfriend. "In nature, a mother of an animal will intercept a predator and sacrifice herself to protect her child," said prosecutor Jenna Wood. "What we have in this courtroom today is a mother that protected a predator and sacrificed her child... The victim deserves salvation and she will only have salvation if she is protected from this woman forever."