West Virginia Circuit Court Judge Arthur Recht has sent a couple to prison for child neglect, telling them "[you] forfeited your right not only to be parents, but you have forfeited your right to live in society." 

Crystal and Terry Isenhower of South Wheeling, West Virginia, were both sentenced by Recht to 5 to 21 years in prison, for charges filed after their 2-year old daughter was found dead in her crib last September, reports the Wheeling News-Register. Four other children were removed after police found squalid, dangerous conditions in the home.
"I'm constrained to look at both of you and ask why?" said Recht. "Why is such a reign of terror necessary to be showered on these five children? Why do five defenseless children have to get up every day and be surrounded by lice, fecal material and other parasites? Why did they have to survive in conditions in which the only nutrition was bottles of Corona [beer]?" Judge Recht explained that the Isenhower's would be incarcerated for the benefit of their other children. "It's the only way these children will have half a chance to try to live a normal life.... We will make sure you are removed from society as long as the law permits."