He's finally gone. Spokane Mayor Jim West didn't have enough shame or consideration for his city's civic life to resign from office, after local newspapers exposed his long pattern of predatory sexual behavior.

So last night he was fired by the voters. West lost a recall election by a 2-1 margin and is expected to leave office by December 16. 
The PROTECT newswire has followed this story since May, so regular readers will know there is much more behind the recall than West's attempts to bribe young gay men for sex with offers of internships or jobs. Much of the media coverage depicts West as a "closeted gay man." But the daily Spokesman-Review newspaper has run a rare series of investigative stories on charges that West sexually assaulted young boys while he was a law enforcement officer, and that he was part of a network of powerful men who preyed upon children. West says he will sue the paper, which stands by its stories.