Police in Redmond, Washington pulled a 52-year old foster father out of choir practice Wednesday and arrested him on child sexual abuse charges.

According to the Seattle Times, the arrest of Enrique Fabregas was made after a 19-year old former foster child came forward to report he had sexually assaulted her and other children for years, videotaping the crimes. "A police statement Thursday said investigators had 'uncovered mounds of evidence which include child pornography, videotapes, photos and computer records,'" including "explicit images of Fabregas and the three children."
The arrest shines light on what appears to be a grotesque lack of accountability in King County, Washington. According to the Times, Fabregas became a foster parent despite "a long history of drug and weapons charges in the 1970s and '80s," after a judge gave him a "certificate of rehabilitation." Police say that there were 26 different complaints made to the Department of Social and Health Services over the years about abuse of the children. In 2004, DSHS ordered Fabregas to undergo a "sexual-deviancy evaluation," but it was never completed. The Department then revoked his foster-parent license, but left his youngest child in the home "because she had been adopted." The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that "no other adult lived with the man and the children."