cnn_fp.jpgThank you to the CNN Freedom Project for its documentary series on PROTECT and the H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps.

For the first time in history, we have the ability to stop child sexual abuse and exploitation on a massive scale. The predators have come out of the shadows: as they go online to upload, download and share video and images of children being sexually displayed, raped and tortured.

Most of those possessing these images are also hands-on abusers, with local child victims. The vast majority of those children wait for a rescue that will never come, due to lack of law enforcement resources.

Part 3: Veterans and Police Work to Combat Child Pornography
Watch Part 1: Wounded Warrior Becomes Rescuer of Children
Watch Part 2: Ex-Elite Soldier Now Fighting Online Abuse
Watch Part 4: Army Veteran Rescues Three Victims of Child Abuse
Watch Part 5: CNN International's Interview with CEO J. Christian

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