The National Association to Protect Children operates three programs. Each was designed to bring about the greatest, real-world impact possible for child protection. (If you are looking for information on the campaigns of our bipartisan lobby, click here.)

  • H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps
    We are creating an elite national corps of counter-child-exploitation professionals, using a new strategy to rally the nation to the cause of child rescue and protection.
  • Sunlight Project
    Most Americans have no idea how their public servants are doing when it comes to protecting children. We are shining the bright sunlight of accountability on the child protection and justice system, the only way to motivate real change.
  • Weiss Center for Child Rescue and Protection Technology
    In an age when science and technology are rapidly solving our greatest human problems, child protection has been left behind. We're advancing new technologies, strategies and education for child rescue and protection.